Let me be your pacemaker
1. Examination of your current performance level.
2. Individual drawing up of a training schedule.
3. Assessment of your training results.
4. Detailed online guidance.
5. Preparation for your competitions.
6. You will be instructed to run independently at your request.

The most improved runner will be rewarded with a personalized diploma at the end of the year.
Those who accomplish an overall win will be entered into Don Marathon RUNNING's Site of Fame.
All the others who are fast enough will be listed in the all-time top 10 leaderboard.

Medical Check-up

Initial questionnaire for runners

Dear participant,

this is a questionnary catalogue by which it can easily be established wether there are doubts from a medical point of view when becoming physically active.

Please answer the following questions truthfully with yes or no for yourself. If you have any doubts please refer to me. I guarantee to treat your data confidentially and only to treat it for the purpose of the risk assessment.

YES / NO: Has your doctor ever told you you're having problems with your heart & that you should only do the physical activities recommended by a him?

YES / NO: Do you experience more often a pain in your chest when being physically active?

YES / NO: Did you at some time experience a pain in your chest last month while you were not physically active?

YES / NO: Do you have difficulties keeping your balance as you suffer from dizziness or do you lose your consciousness more often?

YES / NO: Do you have problems with your bones or your joints that might worsen by more physical exercise?

YES / NO: Has your doctor lately prescribed you medicine for blood presserure or for the heart?

YES / NO: Do you have any other reason why you shouldn´t be physically active?

In case you will answer any of these questions with yes please contact your doctor first.

New York Marathon
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