Don Marathon RUNNING
Marathon coaching and intel
on various records
from around the globe.
5 Marathon wins
3 National titles
1 Half Marathon win
Undefeated among all Romanians category-wise

My name is Raphael Igrişianu, I am an experienced Marathoner and licensed running coach offering you a worldwide online guidance for 25 € per month which is meant for all types of runners, ranging from beginners to elite athletes. So far I have coached 68 runners and contributed to 94 personal records among which 56 have been achieved as a pacemaker.


        Subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my 3rd running film "THE KENYAN KILOMETER"
                     And here's my 2nd sports music video ever "SWEET DÜSSELDORF":






              Romanian website with reports on everything about running Greek diner

New York Marathon
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